TTM - Tan Tan Microphone Mount System


The simple and beautiful solution to amplify your Tan Tan. Just plug in and play!

This hand crafted piece of art is designed to compliment and enhance your performance.

Available in domestic woods (walnut, beech, ash, birch, cherry, maple) and exotic woods (African padauk, African wange, Australian lace, Honduras mahogany, purple heart, teak)

The TTM is perfect for capturing the low bass sound of the drum as well as the high end sound caused by striking the shell. The base of the TTM has a curved cut. This design is to custom fit the radius of the inside of the drum shell allowing for a secure mount.
Due to the nature of wood, slight inconsistencies may appear and is in no way considered a flaw. These items are considered art and no two pieces will be exactly the same.

You may purchase the mic for the TTM - Tan Tan Microphone System separately from our products page.
Included in package: Mushroom Lock to mount mic system to drum and hook & loop to attach mic.

With the rarity of some woods the availability and quantity may be limited.