About Us


Amplified Timber was founded in June of 2008 in Los Angeles, California by Artist, Drummer/Percussionist Hector Torres. T.C.M. System (Torres Cajon Microphone System) was only achieved after an idea was motivated by imagination, creativity, passion, persistence, and lots of very hard work. Amplified Timber developed the T.C.M. System because of the need for an accurate and simple innovative pro audio  solution to amplifying the Cajon. This amplification not only allows the Cajon to be heard among other electric instruments, but it helps to capture the soft, gentle dulcet sounds one can only hear if ones ear was making contact with a wall of the Cajon. 

These days most companies are tending to outsource their labor and manufacturing. Amplified Timber built a small but well equipped manufacturing facility with a very strong emphasis on quality and detail. Each T.C.M. System is artistically hand crafted using specifically selected exotic hardwoods from around the world. This not only enables Amplified Timber to control the quality of the products from start to finish, but it also allows for continual improvements and enhancements as new materials and technologies become available. While the process of capturing acoustic sound waves and converting them to electronic impulses is very complex and difficult, Amplified Timber always strives for the simplest and most elegant solutions. This is apparent from the design and performance of our products.