Our mission is to become the standard micing system for the Cajon and many more percussion instruments...

The Cajon is not new at all, but in the last few years it has hit the percussion world with immense popularity. With more and more drum companies and instrument makers developing their own version of the Cajon, they are faced with the challenge of amplifying it. We can all agree that the bulky and awkward placement of a standard microphone with a boom stand is not the best way to go. So what is best way? Some are simply throwing a mic inside the Cajon and invite an insane possibility for feedback. We at Amplified Timber have found a perfect solution.  
Hector Torres a percussionist and artist, hand crafts this unique product. He has given permission to prominent percussion companies to use his design in their product portfolio. While these products are massed produced, his are all hand crafted from unique domestic and exotic woods. When you purchase a mic mount system from Amplified Timber, you are getting a hand crafted original work of art. This unique & beautiful accessory will compliment your instrument. 
"Plug in and Play" This simple phrase captures the essence of Amplified Timber and when an artist or engineer enters the recording studio or hits the live stage, Amplified Timber considers our microphone systems to be a part of the performance.

With the rarity of some woods the availability and quantity may be limited.